Meet the Management Staff of ISS

Robert C. Schaller is the Chief Executive Officer of Illinois Security Services, Inc.  Mr. Schaller is a well-respected and highly-decorated former Chicago Police Officer. His areas of special assignment have included:  Aid to the Chief of Criminal Investigative Division, Special Operations Unit (Chicago Police Department), Public Transportation and Hostage Barricaded Terrorism Units, The Mayor’s Special Arson Task Force and VIP Protection Units.  He has also served as Administrative Aid to the Cook County Sheriff.
During his 29 year career with the Chicago Police Department, Robert Schaller has received the prestigious Lambert Tree –
Carter Harrison Award of Valor from the City of Chicago; the Department’s highest Award.  In addition, he has received The Superintendent’s Award of Valor, The Blue Star Award, Chicago Police Metal, Chicago Tribune Police Award, Chicago Sun-Times Award, WGN Television’s Officer of the Month Award, St. Jude’s Service Award, The Salvation Army Award for Distinguished Service and The Chicago Chamber of Commerce Service Award.  In addition, he received three Unit Meritorious Awards and 25 Personal Department Commendations and over 250 Honorable Mentions and Letters of Commendation.  Named by Chicago Magazine as Police Office of the year, Robert Schaller was also featured on the popular television series “Top Cops” on May 14, 1992.
Mr. Schaller graduated from the Chicago Police Academy in 1962 and supplemented his training with schooling from the FBI Pyrotechnics Program, The Chicago Fire Department and The Joe Davis County Sheriff Department.  He also completed Orion’s Program on Terrorism and Legal Responsibility.
Robert Schaller has owned and operated Illinois Security Services for over 28 years.  He has personally supervised security operations for over 250 labor disputes nationwide and provided consulting and security services for over 500 companies during this time.  His services have been sought out by some of the nation’s most prestigious firms as well as foreign governments.

James R. Fleming, is the President of Illinois Security Services, Inc.  Mr. Fleming is a veteran police officer who received his training at the Chicago Police Academy. In addition, he has undergone specialized training in both the State of Illinois and Federal levels and also possesses a degree in criminal justice. Mr. Fleming plays a major role in the company’s interaction with its clients to insure their satisfaction and to maintain a superior level of performance and integrity within Illinois Security Services, Inc.

Robert M. Walsh has been a police officer for the Chicago Police Department since 1952.  His areas of special assignment include:  Head of Police Personnel at Midway Airport, Suupervision and Tactical Deployment of Personnel Assigned to Racial and Gang Incidents in Chicago Public Schools, Acting Commanding Officer of the Robbery Section, and Commander of the Department Vice Unit.


Kathleen M. Fleming is Administrative Assistant to the CEO.