Loss Prevention

Retail theft costs businesses in the United States about 3.8 billion dollars annually. This doesn’t even take into account that many theft crimes go unreported. Much of the retail theft is perpetrated by employees who work on the inside, thus making it hard to detect and prevent.

loss-preventionIf you have a problem with high theft costs or employee theft, Illinois Security Services Inc. can help. We have highly trained Loss Prevention Specialist’s who can identify vulnerable areas and rectify any situation that is costing your company money.

Officers are trained by experienced professionals in loss prevention, and are cross-trained by ISS field staff officers. These officers are schooled in:

  • Loss prevention strategies and techniques
  • Detainment of offenders
  • Evidence handling
  • Processing of juvenile offenders
  • Court testimony

Illinois Security Services Inc. can also provide undercover specialists who will work at a designated company as an employee. These officers are able to go undetected in places that management has failed to infiltrate. Meticulous reports are written. A variety of video and evidence gathering is done. This ensures the apprehension of a dishonest employee and helps build a case for later prosecution.

Our conviction rate for these offenders stands at 98%. This is considered to be one of the highest in the security industry. We at Illinois Security Services Inc. are very proud of the efforts we have put into our loss prevention division and we stand by our reputation for honesty and integrity with our clients.