Labor Dispute Protection

labor-disputeIf work Stoppage or Labor Strikes are threatening your business, we will insure that your property, facilities and employees are out of harm. We bring over 50 years of combined experience to ensure that your company stays in operation during these disputes. ISS has helped companies such as Air Craft Gear, Amerigas, and Pickens Kane stay operational and still show a profit.

Illinois Security Services, Inc. is a private Security contractor that specializes in helping businesses handle labor-management disputes. We help

  • Protect client’s property
  • Prevent and detect illegal activities
    1. Intrusions
    2. Theft
    3. Vandalism
  • Protect individuals who are lawfully on the client’s property
  • Provide perimeter security
  • Transport workers safely across strike lines
  • Protect executives, their families and homes (including safe transportation to and from work)

ISS is licensed insured and regulated by the Department of Professional Regulations of the State of Illinois. Our services are performed and maintained by off-duty Law Enforcement personnel as well as civilian Security Officers. All personnel are experienced in physical security, evasive driving and communications/counter electronic monitoring. This expertise and professionalism, along with the performance and demeanor of or personnel makes ISS well suited for labor-management disputes and helps us maintain a liaison between union and labor management as well as the local Law Enforcement Agencies.


ISS has a far ranging variety of resources at its disposal. We use the latest technology to provide surveillance, documentation, videotaping, photography, communication (two-way radios, pagers, mobile phones) and support services to ensure that your company can maintain operations. If you have a labor-management dispute, let Illinois Security Services, Inc. assist you in protecting your people, property and assets. Feel free to contact us for a list of clients who have utilized our expertise in handling their Labor-Management problems. Call 773-881-0044 for a no obligation assessment of your situation.