Guard Service


Illinois Security Services, Inc. has several hundred-security officers under its command. These officers are highly trained and often times cross-trained to fit specific client’s needs.

Our personnel training takes into account each client’s individual needs for each assignment. Aside from the mandatory 20 and 40 hour training classes, we also offer extensive in house training. Illinois Security Services, Inc. customizes post order handbooks for select assignments.

Our officers are trained in:

  • Routine and Emergency Procedures
  • Apprehension of Felony Suspects
  • Procedures For Disaster Situations
  • Security Surveys and Evaluations
  • Crowd Control

Our 24-hour roving field supervisors and emergency response teams is only a fraction of the services that set ISS apart from other security companies.

One of our greatest assets is the utilization of off-duty police officers for specialized assignments. These officers have extensive police training in a variety of high-risk operations. Each of our officers are cross-trained to the specific needs of the client by highly qualified Illinois Security Services field training officers and management personnel. The primary duty of our staff is the safety and welfare of the assigned site, its employees and customers. This includes, but is not limited to, all assets, extension facilities, parking facilities and physical property within the ownership of the company.