Construction Security


Are you Prepared?


Theft is one of the biggest obstacles facing the construction industry today. The theft of building materials such as copper, the theft of tools, and particularly the theft or vandalism of heavy equipment can bring your construction project to a halt costing valuable time and revenue.

  • Vandalism of the Construction Site can also cause costly delays and reconstruction of work already completed.
  • Illinois Security Services has a 25 year history of working with the Construction Industry to prevent these and any other problems before they occur.
  • We provide professionally trained security personnel to protect your property and assets and give you the peace of mind you deserve when off site.


Although Video Surveillance (which we also supply) is an important tool in the prevention of criminal activity, Physical Security is the most effective deterrent available to protect the Construction Site. Illinois Security has proven that time after time by detecting criminal activity and apprehending offenders.

  • On large Construction Sites Gate Security can also be a major concern. We will work with you to ensure that only those approved by the Project Manager or Contractor gain access to the property. The movement of any materials or equipment can also be more closely monitored. Many thefts occur during the day while work is in progress. Our personnel are familiar with this type of activity and their presence in itself eliminates a large percentage of occurrences.


Planning ahead is vital to the success of Securing your Construction, Renovation or Demolition Project.

  • Representatives of our firm will be happy to provide a free consultation to customize a security plan for your site. At that time, we can discuss other, sometimes overlooked aspects of securing the property, such as lighting, no trespassing signs and fencing, etc.